Apart from the Oxford SWF Project Blog and our Twitter Feed, other useful SWF sources on the web are (in alphabetical order):

  • Financial Times’ In-Depth Sovereign Funds: The FT has frequent (and good) coverage of SWFs; the link to the left takes you to their SWF content.
  • Financial Times also has a remarkable stable of blogs that cover SWFs frequently, such Alphaville, BeyondBrics, and Money Supply.
  • Incisive Media’s CentralBanking.com: This website covers a variety of relevant topics, including SWFs.
  • Institutional Investor’s Sovereign Funds Central: A news and research compiler. It also has videos, information-sharing and lots of other stuff.
  • International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Forum is a voluntary group of SWFs, which will meet once a year or so to exchange views on issues of common interest and facilitate an understanding of the Santiago Principles and SWF activities.
  • Law at the End of the Day: Larry Catá Backer frequently posts his latest SWF research here. The link to the left is only to those posts tagged “sovereign wealth funds.”
  • Monitor: This is a dedicated web page for this strategy consultancy’s research on SWFs.
  • OMFIF: The Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum is a sort of ‘discussion club’ for central banks and sovereign wealth funds. The group also publishes an interesting newsletter on their website.
  • Opalesque’s Sovereign Wealth Funds Briefing: This is a top-notch news gathering website.
  • Reuter’s Macroscope: This blog covers SWFs frequently (mostly thanks to Natsuko Waki’s reporting). Reuters is also generally on top of all things SWFs; here’s a canned search on their website.
  • RGE Monitor’s FX Reserves and Sovereign Wealth: I think you need a log-in for this. They have lots of their own content and do a pretty good job of flagging up any relevant papers, articles or blog posts on SWFs.
  • Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute: A website / business with detailed information on many SWFs.
  • Sovereign Wealth Fund Initiative: This is a research project on SWFs housed at Tufts University in The Fletcher School. There’s lots of good info here.
  • Taighde: This is a platform to exchange research and ideas on SOEs and SWFs. They also sell research reports on various topics.


  • RIP: SWF Radar. While this fantastic service is no longer with us, you can relive the amazing SWF moments in 2007-2008 in its permanent archive.
  • RIP: International Working Group of SWFs: Now referred to as the “International Forum”, this was the organization that developed the Santiago Principles. The website is now an archive.
  • RIP: Brad Setser Follow the Money: Another fantastic SWF resource that has come to an end. The link to the left directs you to Setser’s 97 SWF posts.
  • RIP: Sovereign Wealth Funds News: They’ve stopped updating, but the site still has some good information and resources.
  • RIP: Sovereign Wealth Fund Watch: This was a free news compiler; some links are still up.

Note: If you think you deserve to be included on this list, feel free to let me know.

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This website is a project of Professor Gordon L. Clark and Dr. Ashby Monk of the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford. Their research on sovereign wealth funds is funded by the Leverhulme Trust and The Rotman International Centre for Pension Management.

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